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Welcome to St. Lucie West Dental Care.

About Us

Our Atmosphere

At St. Lucie West Dental Care, patients come first. Our serene atmosphere, combined with the latest technology and patient-centered care, makes for a safe place for you to receive the best dental care you deserve and need.

Our Team

Our dental team in Port St. Lucie, Florida, are constantly on the hunt for new education opportunities to stay abreast of the latest dental practices and techniques. We offer our patients with personal, one-on-one attention, so we explain every procedure, listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

Our Philosophy

St. Lucie West Dental Care strives to give lifetime dental care to the Port St. Lucie area because your oral health is an important component of your overall health. Our mission is to provide the dental services that are best for you today and tomorrow!

Our Services

Prevention is key to maintaining your oral health. We offer a vast array of dental services which we hope will exceed every patient’s expectations. From general cleanings to oral surgery, there is not much we cannot accomplish at St. Lucie West Dental Care.

Teeth Cleanings

Even if you brush and floss as directed, it's impossible to effectively remove plaque from every area of your mouth. If that plaque isn't removed at least twice per year through professional teeth cleanings, it could result in gum disease, tooth decay and other serious oral health problems. Our dentist provides painless, quick teeth cleanings to help you maintain good oral health long term. 


Invisalign is a great alternative to conventional braces if you have minor to moderate misalignment. Rather than using metal wires and brackets, the Invisalign system uses custom-made, transparent aligners that fit over your teeth like a retainer or mouth guard. Over time, your teeth are gradually shifted into proper position, giving you straighter, healthier smile.

Dental Imaging 

Our dental office is equipped with a variety of different dental imaging tools ranging from digital x-rays to 3D scans. These tools are used to monitor your oral health and detect even the slightest changes to ensure the earliest possible diagnoses and treatments. Our imaging process is safe and efficient so you get immediate results. 

Teeth Whitening

Over time, the foods and drinks we consume wear down our enamel and stain our teeth. Fortunately, modern cosmetic dentistry provides patients with plenty of teeth whitening options to eliminate those stains and achieve a brighter, more youthful smile.

To learn more about the dental services we provide or to schedule an appointment with our dentist, call our Port St. Lucie, Florida, office at 772-249-0488 today.